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ARPDev.DAVLIB Namespace
This library provides support for CalDAV /CardDAV server connectivity and primitive vcalendar and vcard parsing.

The root level classes providing the functionality are:

  • ARPDev.DAVLib.DAVClient - Allows connection to DAV Hosts, Access To DAV folders and management items within those folders
  • ARPDev.DAVLib.VCard - Basic parsing and management of contacts and contact properties
  • ARPDev.DAVLib.VCalendar - Basic parsing and management of appointments/tasks and their properties

The overall intention of this library is to serve as a bridging resource that reduces the complexity of integrating .NET applications with CalDAV/CardDAV services
Public classCode exampleDAVClient
Provides the host Connection and DAV request and response methods (DAVConnection).
Public classDAVConnection
This class represents the connection to a DAV Host
Public classDAVContainer
This class houses the properties of a folder/collection (as well as some generic convenince properties for the user)
Public classDAVFolder
Class representing a DAV Folder Object. This is a wrapper class that exposes Add, Update and Delete methods for items within a folder.
Public classDAVFreeBusyResponse
Stores the result of a Free/Busy Request
Public classDAVHTTPRequest
Represents a DAV Request to be submitted to a Host a DAV client or DAV connection
Public classDAVHTTPResponse
Stores the result of a HTTP Request
Public classDAVItem
Represents the details for a dav item; including its URI, change tag, filename and a buffer containing it's raw data
Public classDAVURI
Provides management of URI Protocol,Server,Ports, Paths, etc
Public classFeatureSupport
Class used to manage a list of features supported by a given connection/DAV host
Public classVCalendar
Class to manage the loading, creation and editing of appointments
Public classVCard
Class to manage the loading, creation and editing of contacts
Public classVCardAddressProperty
Class to manage a contact address property (and serialise it into its native from within a vcard)
Public classVCardNameProperty
Represents a VCard NAME Property as a serialisable structure
Public classVCardOrgProperty
Manages a Organisation Property
Public classVDataInlineImageProperty
Manages an inline image property
Public classVDataSection
Class used to manage a section within a vcalendar/vcard
Public classVDataUtility
Utility Routines
Public classVDataValue
Primitive Helper Classes that handle the basic parsing and property management of VCalendars and VCards (and their associated sections)
Public enumerationDAVConnectionRequestRedirections
Determines the redirection behaviour of the DAV client.
Public enumerationDAVContainerType
Represents the different types of DAV folders (assuming that each folder only contains content of its implicit type)
Public enumerationDAVPollState
Result of Poll Operation (either expiration or change)
Public enumerationDAVResult
Represents the result of a DAV Operation
Public enumerationValueMatchType
Enumarator used when seeking a named property within a VDataSection (ie: whether we can match the property only by its name or by qualifying attributes)