OpenProtocols Connector

A Broader Outlook

Adds CalDAV & CardDAV
support to Microsoft Outlook
for Windows
* Free For Home & Personal Use

What Does It Do?

Better Outlook Connectivity
OpenProtocols allows you to integrate Outlook Calendar, Contacts and Tasks with services like iCloud, Yahoo!, Zimbra, etc. Contacts and Calendars can be accessed on your mobile phone or tablet device - and any changes made to these items are not updated in real time. Without OpenProtocols, they are stored only on your local computer (not the messaging service/cloud).
Increased Functionality
The OpenProtocols connector unlocks functionality in Outlook allowing integrated scheduling with a wider array of cloud service providers. It also provides additional features like Notes, Free/Busy and Global Address List support.
More Features
It uses open protocols (like CalDAV and CardDAV) to talk to most leading email servers, and can provide the highest level of Outlook integration.

Compatible Messaging Platforms

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Connect Outlook to More Platforms

The powerful features of Outlook® (integrated Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks, Free/Busy, etc) are available under a single message store that is actually stored on the email server/cloud).

Display your multiple email accounts side-by-side, and you can even drag-and-drop files between your accounts.

Highest Level of
Outlook® Integration

  • Collaboration items appear under messaging data
  • Drag-and-drop items between mail server platforms
  • Real-time updates of items
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Drag & Drop Between Your Accounts

OpenProtocols Connector allows simple drag and drop of items between email systems, with updates being immediate (rather than relying on partial solutions like Outlook® synchronisation add-ins).

It is a revolution for those people who want to freely be able to migrate data between different messaging and collaboration platforms.

Appointment Scheduling & Invites

Calendaring integration is one important advantage of a MAPI solution. You can schedule a meeting with others in the office, and they will receive an invitation in their inbox. They then have the option to deny your invitation, suggest another time that suits them better, or accept. You can then track the responses of the participants you sent invitations to.

Free & Busy Status

When scheduling a meeting with a group of people, it can be difficult to find a time that works for everyone, but the MAPI solution makes it as easy as possible.

OpenProtocols Connector can communicate with Outlook® to present to you a view of the free and busy status of all the attendees, so you can find a time slot where everyone is free, without having to go through the tedious, frustrating and lengthy process of sending out the invitations, waiting for the responses, suggesting alternative times, and rescheduling repeatedly.

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